Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Last Dinner in the Bahamas

My last dinner in the Bahamas was at the hotel/inn. I ended up sitting with the British couple in the other sea facing second floor room, which was nice. They liked snorkeling and he was a long-time professional photographer in a small town in England. The overall clientele was made up of a lot of British people, most over the age of 60. But that's a demographic that is totally in my wheelhouse. The meal itself wasn't amazing, but it wasn't awful either. The starter was an underwhelming crab cake. It didn't have much crispness to its outside, and the inside was mushy, not crabby. I would have preferred a grouper cake.
We had the option of either a linguini with shrimp or steak. I went with the seafood/pasta option, which wasn't really anything special either. The pasta was so slick with butter or oil. The shrimp were decent but not delectable. I don't know, it just wasn't all that special.
The last course was tirimisu, which was frozen. I didn't really bother eating it.
While the meal didn't blow me away, sitting on the front porch and talking to older strangers in Nassau, Bahamas was certainly a new experience for me to have.

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