Friday, February 10, 2012

Brunch c/o Creperie Beaumonde

My last Sunday before my big Bahamian trip was another rather warm day for so late into the winter season. L. had arranged a brunch party for BC's birthday, which had actually been a little earlier in the week. I walked there, which was a good walk for me to make. It took a little while for the whole party to straggle in, but the coffee was quickly delivered to us and the cream dispensary units were properly in cow shape.
I did not hesitate to order a bloody mary. J. also ordered one but expressed her dislike of olives, so we did an ingenious switcheroo wherein she took my celery in exchange for her olives...we were both pleased by this arrangement. The drink was good and had a nice dollop of horseradish.
I agonized over exactly what kind of crepe I might order. They had a few suggested combinations that certainly appealed to me. In the end I decided on the scrambled eggs with roasted poblano peppers, tomatoes, cheddar cheese (they made it with Swiss but I requested the sub), avocado corn salsa and carmelized tomato sauce. I especially enjoyed the poblano and carmelized tomato tastes, though I was a bit jealous of others' dishes that included poached eggs.
So many potential crepes can be made from their extremely exhaustive list of potential fillings. On a Sunday the place was definitely bumping; families with kids, hipsters making out for what I assumed were engagement photos, middle aged dudes...and us of course. We sang BC a rousing round of happy birthday at a decibel not to be messed with. I imagine the whole restaurant turned and thought to themselves 'who are those bewitching women at that table?' Go with me on that one.
It was nice to see all the familiar faces as well as a few new ones. And thanks to BC for having a birthday to make it happen!

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