Saturday, February 18, 2012

Walkabout Harbour Island

On our last full day we finally made it to Harbour Island. Wallace was nice enough to drop us off in the late morning. While many on Harbour Island enjoy getting around by golf cart, we weren't all that interested in spending $45 for the pleasure and chose to walk instead. This caused L. some grief, as her flip flops weren't really made for walking. Harbour Island is a pretty small island, so we got to see a fair amount of it. We saw: plenty of dogs, plenty of chickens, one crab crossing the street, and other things, like this wall of license plates.

Dogs dogs dogs.

We had planned on having lunch somewhere kind of nice and had taken the suggestion of one of the Superbowl folks...but when we got to the suggested establishment, there was nary a person to be found, let alone any indication that lunch was something they handled. But while we were trying to figure it out, we saw this amazing sign and met an elderly couple who suggested an alternative place to eat and gave us a ride half way there.
Success, all around.

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