Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Day at Oleander Cove

After our breakfast we walked the little ways down to Oleander Cove, where we took the one little spot of sand and called it our own. There were reefs just off the shore, by which I became quite entranced. I saw blue fish with yellow stripes, yellow fish with blue dots, one big purple fish, so many starfish, a big snail eating a crab and other fish that may or may not have been barrucuda. So many fish! My two big regrets are that before I departed the states I didn't spend $18 for an underwater disposable camera and that I didn't spend $30 for a proper snorkel mask. The first regret resulted in no proof of all these fish that I saw. The second regret caused me to constantly be coming up for air (I had goggles) just when I was getting into looking at something. You see that far point of the cove? We swam over there. There were bigger fish there.
Itty bitty snails.
There are two kinds of girls in the world. The kind who would photoshop their pimple out of the photograph and the kind who would not. Today, it seems, I am the latter.

It was good that I brought my water shoes, as walking along the rocks was fun...but a killer on bare feet.

That's me with my arms raised in triumph over the pretty. Also, I saw a bunch of starfish and I won't lie, I touched them. I not only touched them, I thought they deserved to have their own community and so I put them all on the same big rock. Seven of them.
L. taking her turn with the goggles and water shoes.

So that day was basically lying down in the sun and swimming with the fishes. We also made friends with a dude who has a house in the Oleander Cove community. He told us about a Super Bowl Party being held later that evening, which we decided we would attend.

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