Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rainbow Beach

After Preacher's Cave, which was on the more northern part of the island, we drove a little further south, past Gregory Town (where we were staying) to Rainbow Beach. This was a nice little beach and if it had been sunny and not raining, I think we would have had a very good time there. Unfortunately though the sun had come out during our drive from the cave the the beach, pretty much the moment we actually parked the clouds came back in full force. Nonetheless, we went and hung out for a bit. Perhaps one of the highlights of this beach was this dog, who transfixed us by gnawing on something hard and crunchy (giant mussel?) for a good length of time. A rakish dog, but smelly.
This beach had nice little picnic benches and a little protection from the elements, seriously if it had been nicer this would have been the spot.
Still and all a nice visit. Those clouds, they spited us.

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