Sunday, February 13, 2011

Soup and Burger c/o Pub and Kitchen

At some point, rather long ago, I commented on a friend's Facebook status. She was talking about making Sriracha ribs and I was interested in learning more. It turns out that this friend, with whom I went to grad school in Chicago, actually lived in the Philly 'burbs. So we decided to meet up. I sent T. the list of restaurants I've been itching to try but haven't been able to get to/find anyone to go with me. She narrowed it down to two, and I decided that Pub and Kitchen would be a great new place to try. I had looked at the menu many a time, and I wanted to compare the LaFrieda-meat Churchill Burger to the dream that has been the Village Whiskey burger. So one night, T. was kind enough to pick me up and we drove on down to try the place out. I went with their special tomato soup to start. T. went with the other soup, a beer cheddar kind of soup, I think?
It was incredibly dark in the restaurant, and all my flash photographs have my own shadow in them. I'm sorry. Photo fail. Anyways. I ordered the Churchill burger and I wasn't all that impressed. I know I'm not the epitome of taste or have the most astounding palate, but for all the talk of the special quality of the meat, I just didn't feel or taste it. I don't know. I was a little disappointed. T. ordered the fish and chips and was similarly let down. It was nice to catch up with T. nearly four years after the program. Next time I hope we find our new spot slightly more rave-worthy.
Their bartenders were cute though, and the staff was all very nice.

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