Monday, February 14, 2011

Film, Drinks and Food c/o New Jersey

So, Mr. Ass and his friend M. made a film together based on one of Mr. Ass' paintings. This short film, along with a few more of M.'s and the work of another guy too (who may be slightly more known but whom I found a little, erm, nevermind if you don't have anything nice to say then only hint at it but don't say it outright), was shown at this place on that night. It is one part former grocery store, one part town council/courtroom and one part screening/arty space. Way to be diverse. I believe this is all in Lambertville, NJ.
After the screenings and talks there was a little reception at a nearby gallery. It was tiny and crowded and only had two bottles of wine.
Once Mr. Ass had made the rounds of hellos and how do you dos, we went to another place (the name of which I forget) and had a little dinner and drinks. I had the Caesar salad, which was fine. I also had a gin gimlet, which has now become my go-to drink. Well, my 'I don't feel like beer so I'm going to order one cocktail' drink, at the very least.
Then I asked a drunk rich woman (but a nice one) to take our photograph, but the settings were weird, so we all look slightly dim and blue.
This was the 'let's all make funny faces' shot, except I don't think J. (bottom right) is making a funny face, at least not in comparison to Mr. Ass and K. seeming very excited about something that clearly is making me miserable.

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