Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Assorted Pastries c/o Mazzola Bakery

After dinner L. and I returned to her home where we hung out and enjoyed each other's company until Fat T. came home and ruined everything. That is a joke. I like Fat T. and express it by constantly giving him a hard time. I think we all turned in at some time after 3. That didn't stop Miss Crazy Pants Me from getting up around 8:30 and feeling the need to do something slightly New Yorky, which, to me, means walking somewhere for coffee. That, and I needed to get cash from an ATM for the many plans we had for the day. So I walked over to Mazzola Bakery and bought a sampling of some of their pastries. I wish they had had a proper raspberry tart. But they didn't, so I went with a swan, a raspberry mousse thing, a blueberry tart and a lemon square. Really I just like being able to contribute something to my hosts' lives by bringing food into their house while they're still sleeping, and making coffee for them that I make extra special by adding a little cinnamon to the grounds. I ate the swan. It was good. I also had a latte from the bakery and liked it.

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