Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Hour c/o Positano Coast, Movie c/o the Ritz

I returned from Brooklyn full of warm feelings for all the people I saw there. A few days later L. and I met up at Positano Coast for a little Happy Hour chat time before going to see a movie across the street at the Ritz. I wanted to try their crudo, as it seems the restaurant is best known for its seafood dishes, but that particular happy hour deal had gone away. So instead I went with the gnocchi.
L. is having seriously awful issues with her taste buds. Mainly that they have disappeared, leaving her unable to truly enjoy the subtlety (or non-subtlety) of anything she consumes. This makes me sad for her. She ordered the meatballs nonetheless. I wasn't blown away by either dish to be honest, but I liked the bar set up and would go back for a crack at their seafood.
So then we went and saw Blue Valentine. This movie is good. And sad. And real. Putting aside the merits of the actors and the filmmakers, I was personally affected by just watching the beginnings of a relationship. In one scene they're just laughing and dancing on a sidewalk, making jokes, glorying in each other's company and I couldn't help but be all 'I really would like a little of that in my life.' Even though you flash forward and things aren't quite as rosy. Also, again kind of besides the point in terms of the actual value of the film, Ryan Gosling is just too good an actor. While most of my angst was of the general sort, I also kind of just wanted to marry Ryan Gosling's character. Or at least form a domestic partnership with him or something.

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