Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beef Satay, Scallion Pancakes and More c/o Michael and Ping's

After returning from our Shopsins adventure L. and I took naps. It was very peaceful. Once we were up again all three of us put on our finest '90s duds (that's a lie, I didn't have any '90s duds) for a thing that I'll get to later. But! Before we did that thing, we had dinner at Michael and Ping's. It's a very environmentally aware business. But that wouldn't really matter if the food wasn't good, which it was. I ordered beef satay expecting the typical dried out and thin amalgamation of beef that you get at most not too fancy Chinese restaurants (you order at the counter and they call out your name). These were succulent, still a little bit rare in a good way, chunks of really well marinated beef. I admitted surprise to L. I hadn't expected it to be so good. The scallion pancakes were also above par.

My eggplant and tofu dish was a little less exciting, but I am very particular about how I like my tofu.

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