Monday, February 28, 2011

Candyland, Cheese and Venison c/o J. and J.

So, in the earlier part of February I went over to J. and J.'s for dinner. S. and I played Candyland for a bit and then N. joined us. Though N. was far less interested in the process than S. or myself. I didn't win. N. did.

He-J. put together another lovely cheese plate. I enjoyed the meat, I should have asked him what it was. Same goes for the cheese. I think one had moon in the title because that was the one S. seemed to like. And then the dragon cheese was back, which is always nice in an offbeat kind of way.
For dinner He-J. prepared venison, couscous, greens of some sort (?) and a tasty artichoke concoction.

It was another enjoyable night with the J/J family. Fine food. Fine company. Kids in costumes. Kids in baskets.

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