Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oysters and Veal Shortribs c/o Noble

A while back I purchased a Groupon for Noble. My first visit there had been inconclusive as to whether I was a huge fan or, well, meh. Earlier this month I finally got around to using it. At first I thought I'd go with a friend or something, but then I realized I'd have more spending power if I went by myself. I'm selfish. And not afraid to dine alone. It's a winning combination; one of my best traits, really. So, finally I went and took advantage of the thing. I sat at the bar and the bar tender was very personable. I started with the oyster appetizer and a glass of Ca' del Solo Estate Vineyard Alberino. The oysters included cucumber 'pearls' and a miso kind of dressing. The texture of the cucumber balls was a nice touch and the miso was a whole different thing from the typical mignonette, but in a really natural way. It worked.
I chose to go with the veal short rib with okinawa sweet potato, bluefoot mushrooms, red wine miso. While I was a fan of how tender the meat was, and flavorable, I was less impressed by the potato and mushroom elements. Somehow I didn't feel like they were doing the veal any favors and weren't, independently, all that exciting. I had a glass of Ray Station Cabernet with the main course. They have a nice intimate bar set up, and a few happy hour deals that I might try at some point.

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