Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pizza and Scrabble in Bucks

After brunch I went home and regrouped before heading up to Bucks County to hang with Mr. Ass. When I arrived the sun was doing quite nice things with the snow and ground, so I took a few pictures.
We then sat down to a few games of Scrabble. I think he may have won. Or I may have. Mr. Ass wants to implement a secondary scoring system that involves scoring on the principles of interesting or unusual words. I like the idea of this but find it awfully subjective. Mr. Ass would say that the additional points should be added into the final score tabulation. This is blasphemy to me, I tell you, blasphemy.
We were going to head out to this film thing that Mr. Ass was a part of but before we left we quickly enjoyed pizza with his parents. I believe I may have even taken a piece to eat in the car. Or maybe I didn't do that. Time is getting away from me. It was good pizza.

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