Saturday, February 26, 2011

My So Called Prom Featuring The Bayside Tigers c/o The Bell House

So the big event of the night was going to be 'My So Called Prom' at The Bell House. As I already mentioned, we made some modicum of an attempt to dress for the event (re: look like we were 20 somethings from the '90s) and went to the venue before dinner to buy our tickets. Unfortunately we underestimated the popularity of such an event, and there were no tickets left. We, however, persevered. By that I mean, after dinner we went back because while we couldn't get into the back concert space there was still to be a '90s DJ in the bar area. C. and J. met up with us and because we were pretty much the first people in the joint, we got the very nifty corner sofa area. It was ideal. The three of us ladies sat on one sofa and talked about lady things; you know, how much we want babies, how hard it is to get men to take out the trash and our favorite lipsticks. Meanwhile J. and Fat T., who hadn't met before, talked about man things; you know, hammers, meat, and their undying love of Nickelback. A bit later on T. and J. arrived and at the same time we were kicked out of the sofa area because, apparently, it was "reserved." But because there hadn't been any sign or proof of the corner's status, the Bell House staff member who kicked us out comped us all tickets into the show. Except there was some confusion, and we lost C. and J. too quickly.
So, the conceit of the event was pretty simple: it's a prom, from the '90s, with a band playing all the latest hits. This band, The Bayside Tigers, was really quite good. They played the gamut of alternative rock, which included Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Eve 6, Rage Against the Machine and a ton more. L. and I were serious.
Then we were happy.
Then Fat T. and L. were cute.
Then J. and T. were from 1997.
Then, because it was hard to carry around a bag of Chinese food at a concert, L. and I went outside and skated across an expanse of pure ice (no lie) to gently place the Chinese food in some snow so we could pick it up later. Yes, really.
At one point I lost T. and J. and L. and Fat T. It was a troubling time. Actually I think it happened twice or three times. In this instance I found L. and Fat T. having a little relatively quiet time near the coat check.
I liked how excited this guitar player/singer was. They'd start a new song, the crowd would roar, and he'd get this really happy smile on his face. Like he couldn't quite believe how excited everyone was but that it made him feel really good.
Then I insisted that T. and I take a photograph and I put on my crazy face.
I have a few photos where L. and I look awful, but the people in the background are really, really amped about whatever song is currently playing. Note, for example, the man in the top right corner of this photograph.

Then it was time for their encore and a good number of folks, J. included, got up on the stage and danced. I think maybe to Killing in the Name of...but maybe not.
J. made a new friend.

You might have noticed that in the photographs above, I only had one earring. This is because, on the walk over, I realized that one of the earrings I had most certainly left the house wearing, was no longer attached to my lobe. This made me sad. L. bet me that we would find the earring on our walk home, and I doubted her. A lesson to everyone: do not doubt L. And indeed, we found the earring a few yards away from where I first felt its absence. It was a '90s miracle.
That was a really, really fun night. It was great to see C. and J. and also great to see T. and J. Seriously. It was just a lot of fun. Better photographs that display a wide range of the outfits one could find that night can be seen here.

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