Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brunch c/o Adsum

After having breakfast for dinner the night before, I met up with L. for brunch, which in my case was more like lunch. We were the first to arrive, and it was a little funny to be the sole customers, especially since Adsum had a good brunch rep. Any worry about the empty space was quickly put aside, as it began to fill up soon after our arrival. I went for the Bloody Mary and enjoyed it heartily.
L. and I split the apple fritters. I'm into sweets but not as much as some, and I was far more focused on my main course than I was with these little pillows of sugar.
L. went with the two eggs with biscuits and sausage gravy.
I have long been jonesing for fried chicken and long before I even got to the restaurant I was 80% sure that I was going to finally get this craving under control ... though the burger with foie gras was tempting after my Pub and Kitchen disappointment.
The chicken was great. Moist, crispy, generous portion. I was happy. L. was happy. We were all happy. I had a second Bloody Mary.

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