Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mojito, Ceviche and Elote c/o Who Knows

I went up to New York the first weekend in February to hang with L. I arrived Friday night and after some dilly dallying and wine drinking, she, N. and I walked along Union Street before deciding on a Latin American restaurant for dinner. I wish I could tell you what the restaurant was called, but after some research on googlemaps, I'm not entirely convinced that it exists. Like, maybe it was a group delusion. Of course that's not true, I have proof of the meal. Point being is I would give the restaurant props, if I could figure out what it was called. Anyways. It was a small space and when we first walked in there wasn't a table for us. So we sat at the bar and ate complimentary fried plantain things with a great chimmichurri kind of dipping sauce, there was another sauce too...spicier. After L. subtly adjusted her body in front of the bartender (that's a joke just for L.) we were soon seated. I ordered a mojito and it was lovely.
For my meal I went with the ceviche appetizer followed by the elote appetizer. The ceviche was a nice plate and its offering of citrusy seafood was to my liking.
The elote was a little disappointing. All the ingredients were there, but it lacked salt or pizazz. In the summer when I make my white person's version of the dish, I think I add more lemon juice and may use a slightly different kind of mayo. Not all that exciting. I believe L. and N. both liked their meals.
A wonderful beginning to a good weekend. Rain notwithstanding.

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