Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So. I've been sick. I guess it's just a cold. But it's the kind of cold that made it hard for me to breathe, think or enjoy life. This was a great inspiration for me to finally put the patch on my body after having had the box in my life for more than a week. Yesterday was my first day. Last night I had way crazy dreams. Here are the fragmented highlights as I wrote them down in the morning. It was one of those dreams where you would wake up glad that that version of reality and sleep wouldn't come again ... just to find yourself back there when you finally got back to sleep:

high school reunion
the beach
roofied, but no one believing me
dog shit plastic bags around my neck upon awaking
trying to clean off in a stream on a pavement
lemon squares
burger king tacos
losing my tastebuds and my water glass

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nc catherine said...

Ah the crazed dreams brought on by illness, and the patch. I have a fever right now and had whackadoodle dreams involving multiple inabilities to complete tasks or move my feet or understand what the "test" was I was supposed to be taking in an ice cold room full of drawing paper and colored pencils.

Hope you are feeling better!!!