Sunday, January 17, 2010

Zul and the Paperwhites

Like I said, the Paperwhites all popped last week. Very pretty and strangely not stinky, which is a little odd, but why question a positive reaction to a possibly negative situation, no matter how small?
Maybe next time I will add gin or bourbon to the mix and make them a little more manageable...I ended up getting a piece of butcher's string and tying it around the collective stalks to help them stay upright.
Zul was really unhappy with all the attention I was paying the flowers, so I stopped and paid a little attention to him. I think he would have preferred less photography, more petting, but what can I say? He got what he got.
He is fat. But I changed his food, so he's puking less, which maybe will make him fatter? Oh no. The vet will think I am a bad person. Sigh. I wish I could turn him into some sort of freak cat that likes taking brisk walks on a leash. Then he and I could get in shape together.
S. and I have decided that more flowers in the house would be pretty great, and since he finally emptied all the pots with dead plants in them, we could really go crazy with it (I want to force all sorts of bulbs to grow...amaryllis maybe, and crocuses and all other sorts of pretty things). Of course, I think it's pretty much up to me to actually get the bulbs, so, as with everything that is up to me, we'll see if it actually gets done.
I have problems accomplishing personal tasks, especially in a timely manner. I mean, in certain contexts. If I need to print out my car's new insurance card, I will get it done before driving in an uninsured car, but if I need to beautify or otherwise improve my life in a non-official way, well, how long have I had paint samples on my wall without buying more paint? A month plus some days is how long...and that will continue for at least another week...or more. Next on my list of things to accomplish is brining a chicken, this is a two week old desire, which will not be accomplished today because it is rainy and I would prefer cleaning up my room to walking to Whole Foods. With that as a secondary example, I think it's fair to say that I need more chutzpah. Never you mind, just look at the pretty flowers.


rose said...

I am amazed to see the picture of flowers. They looks cool and spreading peace everywhere at the place. nice cattitude.

Anonymous said...

Now is the time to buy reduced price amaryllis bulbs, but look at them before you buy. They market them for Christmas blooms, so some have been sitting around a long time.
Your paperwhites are beyond sipping gin.