Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas Champagne, Supper and Games

When H. and C. arrived, we cheered to Christmas with champagne. I tried to 'Kir Royale' mine up...and did, but found that it wasn't actually a taste combination I liked as much as I thought I might.

This is what my parents look like sometimes.
I asked H. to take a few photographs of us. My father has an even worse habit than I do of making silly faces, but a few shots were winners, silly faces and all. In the photograph below I decided I would practice my extremely rudimentary photoshop skills. Can you see what I did?
If I had worn red, and if we were the types to do Christmas cards, one of these would have sufficed for such a thing.

The meal began with the oyster stew my mother made. All rich and buttery creamy. I have liked this decadent stew since I was a kid, though I remember going through a period when seeing the inside of a cooked oyster weirded me out...I think I solved this problem by not looking.
H. cooked a nice hunk'a beef. I was going to try carving it, but realized I didn't know what I was doing. H., bum hand and all, ended up doing the cutting.
I plated the salad of local greens, cherry tomatoes, gherkin pickles, boiled egg and one pickled beet...and maybe cheese?
My mother prepared a kick ass leek, bacon and cheese side dish.
Mmmmmm. Everything was delicious.
After the meal we sat down and played Apples to Apples. I haven't been playing as many games as I have in other times in my life, and I forgot how much fun it can be. I never won, I guess my word associations weren't always as spot-on as others'.

Really is a good, fun game. My mother, who has gotten the reputation within the family of not being much of a gamer, even seemed to enjoy herself.
For dessert there was a lemon custard pudding that was just delightful.

H., C. and L. left before dark to go see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. I believe we watched the latter half of Turner Movie Classics Sherlock and a Hepburn/Tracey movie. All good fun and quite a nice holiday.


Anonymous said...

These pictures (well, not some of me) look really great. It's either your new camera or this motel computer's monitor screen doing something good. mom

Big Gloves said...

abra kadabraaaaa no more bottle