Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas Walk

After opening gifts we had a little time before H., C. and L. arrived for Christmas dinner/supper, so I went on a walk. This is our house. I have taken this same exact photograph nine million times.

I didn't go too far on either of my Sewanee walks, a result of my working, the weather, and maybe laziness, but not as much as some times. Point being, I only walked around Abbo's Alley. But it's always pretty, and I enjoy remembering it the way I saw and felt it as a kid: magical and expansive.

I saw a hawk at one point, and it was big...totally not a crow (I often think I see a hawk in the air, but it's almost always a crow, except for that one time when I thought it was a crow and it was a freakin' blue heron). Moved fast though, and didn't stay around for me to take a photograph. Bird fail.
I do love me my olives.

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