Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Lunch Roundup

The eating at work continues. Another day, another order from Hunan Szechuan. I tried something new, it didn't work out so well, but the soup and dumplings were tasty.
I got this lobster chicken dish. It had that weird thickness to its sauce, except this sauce was clear, which weirded me out more than a thick brown sauce might. Also, let's add water chesnuts to the relatively short list of food-like things I don't particularly care for. I consider them filler and I don't like it. They are crispy, watery discs of awfulness. Or, no, they can't be awful because they are so bland. They are crispy, watery discs of mediocrity. That is a truth. I have shared it with you.

Lamb Passanda c/o King of Tandoor.
This is what a delivery from Primo's looks like.
I think this was the Sicilian.
The stuffed peppers are a bit of a let down. I like the pepper part, but the cheese is quite hard, and do I really need prociutto in a pepper that is a topping of a whole slew of meat? The answer to that question is no, no I do not (nor can I ever spell prosciutto correctly).

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