Friday, January 08, 2010


I have long been amazed by airplanes and their ability to get up and into the air. What I sometimes forget is how equally awesome the planet is. That sounds cheesy. I don't know what I mean, just that on my flight back from Tennessee I couldn't quite get over the changes in topography and landscape that were unfolding thousands of feet below me. Flat land, devoid of snow, to waves of hilly mountains nicely dusted with the white stuff, back to the winter palette of brown and purple. Now, I did, on occasion, imagine the plane plummeting into said topography and the unimaginable fear that such an event would cause in me. But, of course, you cannot predict how you will act in times of stress. I generally shut down but, perhaps in a flight context I'd take the lead, make sure babies were firmly strapped down into swaddling cloth made from passengers' Christmas scarves and sweaters and generally maintain order as our plane lost altitude and the oh-so-glorious hills came closer and closer. Maybe.
I always hope to meet someone fascinating on an airplane. I have thoughts. Maybe I will get it together and write interesting things about these thoughts. Maybe.
I wish that all houses like this would disappear. Let's all go back to living on large plots of land in one of a kind houses, shall we? No? Maybe? I realize that the world never all lived in such a way...metropolises!

On our final descent into Philly, I could see the Eagles football field. Seemed like they were doing well, or that the use of fireworks was being employed regardless. Didn't quite get a photograph though.

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