Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Crab, Spaghetti and Veal Cheek c/o Modo Mio

After our beers at Frankford Hall, we made our way to Modo Mio for dinner. This was something I was quite looking forward to and - as usual - it didn't disappoint. I didn't recognize most of the servers on this particular night, but no matter; things still ran smoothly among the hustle and bustle busy-ness of the joint. When I asked our server whether she would choose the crab cake or - she cut me off before the second option and strongly recommended the ricotta and lump crab cake, which came with a fennel and green apple slaw as well as a drizzle truffle oil and black pepper. I've forgotten what I had been considering instead, but this did not disappoint. The cake was a tender pile of crab with not a lot of filler and the crunch of the fennel and apple really balanced it all out. Mmm. Good.
I forget exactly what this was, but it was akin to their Amatriciana dish, only with a little more kick as far spice...but I think pancetta was also involved? Some of Modo Mio's pasta dishes are so exceptionally rich and indulgent (re: the gnocchi or rabbit ravioli) but their lighter tomato-based sauces generally aren't quite as heavy. I think AS had the special pasta of the evening, which was beef cheek ravioli. I was happy to take a bite.
For my main course I chose the veal cheek, which of course I can't tell you much about because it's not on the online menu and I forgot to photograph the paper one. I did this in part because I had earlier 'tweeted at' the executive chef, Peter McAndrews, and asked him what he'd recommend from the newest Modo Mio menu and he/whomever is in charge of his twitter feed laid out one potential meal, which included the new escargot dish and perhaps the lasagna. In the end I went my own way for the appetizer and pasta, but figured I should take at least one of the recommendations. Otherwise, why even ask? But I believe it was breaded and on a bed of cabbage with maybe raisins in addition to a tomato element? Gorgonzola on top? AS and I were both definitely boozed up thanks to our consumption of a bottle of prosecco and our steady progress through a second bottle of white, and I can't deny that my focus on the food wandered slightly.
I think this is a pretty great photo of AS. I believe this is her happy face with a plate of pork loin below her.
After finishing our meals it was decided that espresso wouldn't be the worst thing, so we went ahead and had it. Or maybe AS had a cappucino and I had an espresso. Either way we both consumed straight up caffeine after10 PM or so. Risky.
I completed my meal with tirimisu, which had some sort of nice ice cream/custard element to it that I cannot recall. This sort of lack or recollection is so going to be a thing of the past now that I have my new little notebook!
This was another great meal and I'm so glad that it worked out for us (there was a little snafu with the reservation earlier in the day). Truly one of my favorite spots in the city.

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