Sunday, June 10, 2012

Buck a Shuck Happy Hour c/o Sansom Street Oyster House

Later on Tuesday afternoon I met up with Mr. Ass, AS, AC and AC's gf for happy hour oysters. I got there a little bit before everyone else, so I sat at the bar and enjoyed one of the happy hour special drinks. Turns out that one of the bartenders was a girl I had gone to college with. A year below me, I didn't really know her, but it was a funny surprise. Once we were all in place we got down to ordering oysters. I think we ended up doing two or three dozen. 
Just delightful. I forget what the specific variety was. Maybe Delaware Bay?
P., the bartender and fellow alumnus, sent us a few broiled oysters with a nice mix of garlic and butter and green onion. Mmm. A nice extra treat.
The larger group went on to grill shrimp on a roof somewhere in South Philly while I took myself and my new blazer back home.

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