Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sushi and Ramen c/o Morimoto

I took the Tuesday after Memorial Day off and treated myself to a day in the city. This included going to Macy's, which allowed me to finally see the Wanamaker Organ. I also bought myself a blazer at a good discount. After Macy's I made my way to Morimoto, where I aimed to try their ramen. All the foodie media in Philly has been all a'buzz about the sudden increase in ramen opportunities in the city. I've been following it with some interest and thought it time to try the ramen that is tucked into Morimoto's many menu options. The place was relatively empty on a Tuesday, and I was given the option of a table or the sushi bar. In retrospect I may have actually enjoyed the bar better, but I chose a table. The lighting was just as yellow as it was when my father and I enjoyed an omakase meal there last summer. I started out with a yellowtail and scallion sushi roll and a piece of ikura. Both were so good. I think I sometimes become a little complacent about the quality of sushi I'll enjoy. This served me well back in the halcyon days of Chicago and House of Sushi and Noodles, and to be honest I ordered such fare delivered to my home this very day. But! But then you experience a well executed and so much more flavorful piece of fish and you realize that there really is a difference between the middling and the sublime.
The piece of ikura was delightful too. Much better than the sushi I recently consumed. Fresh. Poppy. More salty than fishy, but with just enough of the latter still coming through. Good all around.
The ramen bowl was plentiful and excellently presented. The broth cloudy with pork. The noodles weren't quite as memorable, though I do recall finding them with still a good bite to them, but not quite 'springy.' The pork pieces were thick cut and fatalicious, though perhaps I would have liked them slightly more browned? Just a tad of the fat better crystallized? Or rendered? I think rendered might be the word I'm looking for? The egg was just right, still oozing yolk but with nice and firm whites.

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