Thursday, June 21, 2012

Snacks c/o McCrossen's & Cocktail c/o Lemon Hill

On a recent Monday you could find me and LW enjoying an especially prompt happy hour at McCrossen's. This involved pork tacos, wine and a few rounds of darts with T.
The tacos were a nice balance. The pork savory, but with a touch of sweet that was in turn met with just a hint of kimchi spice (I wouldn't have minded a slightly bigger kick, actually). A nice little crunch from slaw kept it interesting and a gentle spritz of lime juice brought it all together. We each ordered two.
After darts with T. and the proper devouring of our tacos, we headed over to Lemon Hill. There I tried one of their new cocktails: A Well Deserved Punch, which was Wray & Nephew Rum, Barbencourt 4, lime, house made strawberry basil syrup, pineapple, and white cacao. You want to know what else it was? Tasty. It reminded me of a slightly classier version of a Rum Bubba.
A nice evening.

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