Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Late Night Stop at Morgan's Pier

Aswe were finishing up our meal and determining our next move (which really should have been saying goodnight to one another and going home), LW texted me to tell me that she JMac and some other dudes were near Modo Mio, so she had given them my phone number in case we wanted to play darts. Soon thereafter I received a text from JMac. So AS and I strolled in the direction that he and his group were to be found. By that time they (TDoc, MC, JMac, G and T?) were on the way to Morgan's Pier. While I'm pretty sure neither AS nor I really needed further opportunities to imbibe alcohol at that point, I had been long curious about the new beer garden/river spot and AS seemed down as well. So that's what happened. This part of the evening is a bit of a blur. We sat at a table near the bridge.
Pretty nice view. And the moon was doing that orange/yellow thing it does sometimes.

AS got her dance on.
This is the blurry part. Who these guys are, and why I took three photographs of them is beyond me.
But it seems like everyone was happy so no harm, no blur.
And that concluded quite the adventurous and slightly debaucherous of evenings. Thanks to the dart dudes for giving us rides and extending our evenings, and for their company of course. I would certainly like to go back to Morgan's Pier and actually try some of the Katz/Meme sponsored/designed food. Also, they're doing a series of free concerts throughout the summer. If you go this Saturday you can see a band, one of the members of which is a guy with whom I went on one date four years ago.

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