Friday, June 08, 2012

Post-Lunch Pre-Dinner Cayuga Lake

After lunch there was more water immersion and activity. I mostly read the first Game of Thrones book, which, I must say, is compelling even if you've watched the first season. Ok, now for another 'find the...' Find the water snake!
H. and friend managing to move themselves from one part of the water to the other without paddle or falling in.
Well, until this moment.
Worst picture of people falling into the water ever.
K. photographing AS while she reads her book. I think it was The Art of Catching? She housed that book.
The dock in action.
My turn to bring out seltzer.
The scene.
AS on the raft.
K. looking out to sea.
Me, looking away from the sea.
K. getting in on some of that frisbee action. In the distance, a power plant temporarily off-line.

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