Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Drive About Near Cayuga Lake

At some point in the latter part of the afternoon, I decided I should go buy some beer to contribute to the fridge, and to stop at the Amish farm market. I also just kind of wanted to drive around the country...the water may have been a little cold, but the day itself was beautiful and warm. On my drive I saw all sorts of signs that I wanted to investigate - brown eggs, a goat dairy, a yarn shop. In the end I stopped only at the Amish and at a beer/gas station outside of Trumansburg (an entirely appealing little town). I did, however,  see so many houses I would love to own...if I didn't know how serious winter is up this way.
Succulents in old shoes.
Road heading back towards the lake.
Pretty light.
Toads. I forget what their names were, but they were very clever.
This was a particularly itty bitty toad.
Then I asked AS to take a photograph of me in the water, which I more recently sepia toned-ish.

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