Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Hour Micheladas and Margaritas, Plus Snacks c/o La Calaca Feliz

Last week I met up with BC and AS at La Calaca Feliz for happy hour chats and snacks. Earlier in the day I had become quite taken with a photograph of their special for the evening, a Pork Belly Gordita, that the restaurant had posted on Twitter. I was also quite interested in trying their rendition of a michelada, having enjoyed R.'s version at my barbeque a few weeks prior. The michelada, unpictured, was delicious. A savory tomato beer treat. Refreshing. If you haven't given this particular drink a try, I'd suggest you consider it. As weird as beer, tomato juice, lime, salt etc may sound, it's kind of like a carbonated bloody Mary. In addition to drinks, we also enjoyed the albondigas, which were delightfully skewered, tender as all get out and with a secret center of molten cheese. Could have been maybe five degrees hotter as far as temperature, but I had no complaints with the taste.
The gordita was served on a puree of squash I think. Was it squash? Maybe not. The slivers of radish and water cress were a nice touch. The pork belly was a little tougher/crispier than I might have expected, but still satisfying in the flavor department.

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