Monday, June 18, 2012

Cheese and Beer from McCrossen's and Frankford Hall

Earlier this month Philadelphia celebrated yet another Beer Week, a time when the city is overrun with brewers from pretty much every corner of the US and from a number of corners of the greater world. I generally don't get too excited about this event. While beer is a staple of my life (especially on dart nights) I'm just not as interested in beer as I am in a host of other foodstuffs. So my Beer Week was spent mostly ignoring it. LW, on the other hand, is a big Beer Week fan and went to far more events than I did (and the only events I went to, I went to with her). So in this instance we went to McCrossen's to check out the Rogue Brewery beers on tap and the Rogue cheeses that were also on the menu for a short time. I believe I ordered a Hazelnut beer that had been aged in rum soaked oak, or some such thing. I didn't love it. The cheeses were interesting as well, though I thought the cut up grapes were actually pickled radishes and found myself quite disappointed upon the realization that they were not. Of the three of these blues, only one was unsmoked and that was the one I preferred. If I recall correctly. I've finally bought a little notebook, so my memory should be better in future posts.
After a beer and cheese, I had bigger plans with AS, which began with regular sized beers at Frankford Hall. I went with the Kolsch because I will almost always go with the Kolsch if it's on tap.
And on our way to our next destination, we saw this van. I really was quite taken with it.

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