Thursday, June 07, 2012

Morning Walkabout & Afternoon Sandwich

First off, find the chipmunk in the photograph below!
The chipmunk and the other photos that follow are from Sunday morning. I took a stroll south along the lake road. Everything still had that real new green look to it. Or newer than you might see in Philly? More spring than summer? But late spring?
This set of stairs from the hill/cliff above seems as if it has seen better days, that you'd need legs that defied gravity to actually climb them.
But they also have a certain mystery and beauty. What is it about things falling apart that evokes beauty?
Iris? Lilac? Swallows.
Sandwich! This was a mix of provolone cheese, shaved smoked turkey, salami, lettuce and tomato. And maybe a slice of Muenster for good measure. A hearty, happy sandwich, which I enjoyed on the shores of the lake.

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