Sunday, September 04, 2011

Cocktail, Gazpacho and Korean Fried Chicken c/o Meritage

On Thursday I was catching up with one of the many blogs I follow using Google Reader, when I read a post about how Meritage was once again serving its famed Korean Fried Chicken. I had read about the dish at some earlier point, but never quite got down to try the restaurant I asked LW if she might like to go with me. After checking her appointment calendar, LW was in. We walked, which was nice. And once we arrived we sat outside. I took a look at their cocktail menu and decided that a Daddy O was in order.
I also ordered their yellow heirloom tomato gazpacho served with olive tapenade and a drizzle of pesto. This was pretty darn good, though I didn't really think the olive element added much to the whole thing. The menu didn't have Korean Fried Chicken on the menu and our server didn't mention it when she was telling us about a few changes on the menu. I asked the server about it and she said that she would check. It was at this point that LW noted that the article I had sent her about the KFC had been written in April. #googlereaderfail. Well, even though I was totally wrong to expect the dish to be available, our server came back and said that it could be done. Phew. Though then I felt like the dick who doesn't order from the menu. Oh well.
This was a really decent plate for $18, and I enjoyed trying this version of fried chicken. It was ooey goey, had a little spice, a little sweetness to it too. A wing, a drumstick and maybe a thigh were all part of the deal. I think in the larger picture I prefer 'dry' fried chicken, but I was glad to finally try this preparation style.
Also, the slaw that came with it was so great. Shredded cabbage and I don't know what else, but not any overly sweet or mayo to it. I want to make it and impress people with my mad skills.
After dinner we went across the street for a beer at Pub and Kitchen. I don't know what it is about that place that just hits me wrong. I should like everything about it. I mean, admittedly this was only my second visit but it didn't really change my thoughts all that much. Even though all we were doing was sitting at the bar and having a beer. Shrug.

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I'm contemplating making a scrap book of all of your photos that have me in the background. And/or featured prominently.