Monday, November 14, 2011

Cocktails c/o Franklin Mortgage and Trust

I hadn't seen A.S. in a bit, so we made plans last week to meet up for cocktails at Franklin Mortgage and Trust. I'd heard about this place from time to time over the last couple of years, but never quite got myself down to the establishment. Down literally because it's in a lower level space, basically unmarked unless you know what you're looking for. Trying to put a slightly speakeasy feel on the whole place, I believe is the point. I met up with A.S. by her work place and we got to the bar by 6, which meant that the process of being 'bounced' was not an issue because it was too early for there to be any critical mass of folks waiting to be let in. There was a special set of happy hour drinks featuring a certain bourbon I cannot remember and a bartender from Chicago whom I similarly can not tell you much about. But this cocktail, whatever it was, was a potent tasty thing.
We stayed for two drinks. My second was the Coal Cracker Cocktail, which consisted of Wild Turkey rye, Galliano, house blackberry syrup, angostura bitters, and sarsparilla tincture "served on a rock." Of the two, this was my favorite. I had expected it to be sweet due to the blackberry/sarsparilla aspects, but it wasn't really. But it wasn't really sweet in a good way. An interesting way. A pleasing way. And the zest of lemon did something magic with my olfactory to tongue connections.

We noticed that others were getting small plates brought out to their tables, so we investigated. Turns out they have a small number of cold food items supplied by Supper. I decided to try their pickled vegetables thinking that it would be similar in tastiness to Village Whiskey's offerings. But, like my long ago snack meal with Mr. Ass at Supper, while it sounded really, really good, I found the actual product only ok.
It was lovely to catch up with A.S. while trying a new place and cocktails of a slightly higher standard (and the price tags to match) level of quality than I typically sip. By the time we left the place was a bit more busy. I'm not sure I'd wait around for seats if none were to be had when I arrived, but on off-peak times, definitely a spot to check out.

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