Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Darts c/o Dark Horse

Last Tuesday I made my way southerly to Dark Horse Pub to participate in that week's dart match with the pub's team. Unlike most other bars in the league, Dark Horse brought out the food pretty early on in the evening. I appreciated this, as often the food comes out just as 1001 starts...in other words, just as I am actually throwing darts. They offered us mini quiches, fried pierogies, spring rolls, spankakopita and an unappealing tray of rice with turkey.
Can't go wrong with fried things. Can go wrong with lots of rice. Well, I wouldn't actually know since I didn't try the turkey rice. Maybe it was awesome and my thoughts just confirm the fact that I am a jerk.
Another great thing about the Dark Horse set up is that the dart game had its own room, so there was plenty of space for us all to sit and whatnot without getting in the way of other patrons or the pub's employees. A nice set up indeed.
We were down a few players, but LW worked with what she had.
I drank lager.
J. shooting left handed.
P. and T. having some sort of tete a tete.
It was a rainy night. Rainy, rainy, rainy.
I think J. might have hit his photograph threshold in this photograph, or K. said something particularly awful.

No idea what this is about, but enjoy it.

And there you have it, another night of dart league. I played more because of the low numbers, but didn't have any big a-ha moment. Or maybe I did and it's been a week and I forgot.

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