Friday, November 18, 2011

Easily Amused

Two tiny snippets from a convo I recently had online.

Talking about the shoes I'm thinking about wearing to her birthday party:
L,:ah those ones!
you will not be able to walk or dance for very long
but they are hot
me: yeah the walk from work to the office is treacherous
but i stand tall
and they accentuate my calves
or something
L.: thats what heels are for
me: i could also stab someone in the eyes with them if necessary
L.: elongating and sculpting
and self defense
me: heh the trifecta all shoes should aspire to

And then when L. expresses some frustration with her day at the office:

i have listened to the latest britney spears album on repeat all day
you should try it
l.: what the hell is your problem are you losing it?

1 comment:

nc catherine said...

The perfect shoe trifecta, exactly! Elongate, accentuate, defend....Why indeed were you listening to Britney all day????

We are officially cold here, frost on the windows and leaf piles this morning. Here comes winter....