Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fried Chicken Sandwich c/o Smith Canteen

On Saturday we all slept in. Eventually L., J. and I went to Smith Canteen for breakfast-like foodstuffs. In fact, we were particularly motivated to get ourselves egg sandwiches of some kind. Unfortunately the canteen stops with the breakfast at 11, and it was noon. So we all had to recaliber our hunger to meet the place's menu. I ordered a latte.
And a fried chicken sandwich. We sat at a nearby park while enjoying the sun and warmer weather. The sandwich was pretty good, though I kept thinking that it was just a fancy version of a McChicken sandwich. Like, really, it tasted really good but in that same Mcway. Mmmmmm.
After breakfast/lunch (not brunch really), J. went her own way and I gathered my stuff before getting on the road. A whirlwind New York trip that took less than 24 hours to complete. Crazy. Happy birthday to L!

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