Thursday, November 17, 2011

High School Heavy Brunch c/o Fork

Last weekend was chock full of activity. Saturday evening I went on a date with a nice enough fellow, then met up with LW and two of her buds in Center City before going forward to McCrossen's for late night drinks. The next morning I lay-in a bit during the morning hours, before walking to Fork to meet up with BC, BM and, eventually, LB, LS, C. and M. The two B.s were already there when I got there, but we couldn't sit at our table until our entire party was present, so we took up seats at the bar while we waited. I liked the look of the bloody mary, so I ordered one and it lived up to my expectations. Fair amount of horse radish. Altogether tasty.
When everyone arrived we got seated. It was C.'s birthday, so we wished her a happy one. I tried their two poached eggs with Lancaster double-smoked ham bechamel, spinach, chives and sourdough toast. I was all ready to love it, but I really didn't. The smoky, hammy-ness of the sauce, which I assumed I would love, actually turned out to be a turn off. The eggs were nicely cooked, but the sauce so overwhelmed everything that this was a case of me most definitely not cleaning my plate.
While the food as a little disappointing to me (LB also noted that her omelette had a strange look to it - the bite I had didn't exactly wow me either), the company was top notch. This is a lively group of women, all of whom with the exception of M., were in my graduating class of high school. So there was much catching up for some of us, in addition to simple shootings of the shit. I sometimes get overwhelmed by such groups, but in this instance whenever I couldn't quite follow the two to three different strings of conversation, I simply sat back and enjoyed the fact that 17 (I was about to say nearly 20, but that made me feel uncomfortably old) years ago we were all starting out at the same school together, little tiny versions of ourselves tightly furled in the bodies of teenageers. What? What I'm saying is that there is a comfort to faces staying around through the years, growing and changing, appearing and disappearing, but always resurfacing and familiar. LB was in the corner and had an even tougher time keeping track of the different conversations.
I don't remember what was so funny, but it was.
Then I insisted on a few group shots outside before we splintered and went our separate ways.

Had I thought, for even a second, about how I would want to take such photographs I may have dressed up just a bit more. Whatevs.

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