Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Darts and Quesadilla c/o Buffalo Billiards

After a pretty non-eventful Saturday afternoon, I gussied myself up to resemble a secretary and bussed it down to Old City to meet up with BC and L. for some fun and stuffs. BC recently moved to Philly, so this was a bit of a 'I live in Philly' celebration, for which L. came down from New York. At some point BC suggested that we play two of her friends in darts. I'm convinced that the distance between where we were throwing and the boards were not regulation length, and the bar darts that we rented out were very awful after having gotten accustomed to LW's way more classy set.
I hit a few good shots, but we were playing Cricket and I didn't suddenly become amazing just because all the other people I was playing with weren't as well versed in the rules as I was ... it also became apparent that I don't really know all the rules; I had to text LW at least once for some of the rules regarding play.
I was pretty worn out from my Brooklyn adventure and needed sustenance, which I found in the form of the veggie quesadillas. Nothing revolutionary or special about them, but I did feel better after consuming them. Way too many pieces for one person.
A little later on Mr. Ass showed up and I took some photographs to memorialize the occasion. This they were doing on purpose.
This time I caught them completely off guard.
BC looking pumped for life, L. and I making an effort not to have double chins.
It was a fake glasses night in order to complete the secretary look.

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