Friday, January 12, 2007

St. George Island

After our breakfast we went to St. George Island. We drove past all the obviously new and rather ugly houses until we hit the state park. There we got out and walked along the beach for a bit. It was windy but pretty and not too cold. Warm enough, at least, for two little girls to be wearing bikinis...actually it wasn't warm enough and the boyfriend and I questioned their mother's parenting skills.

I collected a bunch of shells that I will clean up and put in a bowl. In the background of the shells is a dead jellyfish. We didn't eat it.


Anonymous said...

When I first saw your comment about the ugly houses on St. George, I took it a bit personally and was a bit irked with you....Alas, you are correct however. There are several italianate monstrosities and other train wrecks recently added to the island that. Some of these new mac-mansions really show that having money does not equate with having taste.
Jon G. Atlanta and SGI

cc said...

And those were definitely the houses I was referencing. One can tell which houses have been around longer and most of them are modest (in a good way) and fit into the landscape as much as houses on stilts can. It was definitely the disney monstrosities that I cringed over. It was a beautiful place overall.