Thursday, January 11, 2007

It Doesn't Get Better

So I thought I could fix this whole 'links, archives and frappr map at the bottom of the freakin' blog' thing by deleting the page elements and then rebuilding them. This was a mistake. I have now lost all my links (and am dreadfully afraid I won't be able to find them all again) and they would still be at the bottom of the page (I started rebuilding but once I realized the problem wasn't fixed, decided to grump instead). I have emailed two tech saavy friends about this but they have not, as of yet, gotten back to me. So if you are at all tech saavy (and by tech saavy I mean html/blogger saavy) please let me know. I am thinking about giving you all access to my account so's you can fix the damn thing. Of course if you're a complete stranger I may just take step by step directions. Until this gets sorted out there will be no links. Sorry.


Paul said...

Just grasping at straws, but did you change any of your Java or cookies options coincident with the blogger glitches? Also, just saw the message that "your new version of Blogger is ready!", I haven't switched yet, have you?

cc said...

Nope. I did switch, this is the whole trouble. That and I'm an idiot.