Monday, January 08, 2007

Florida is Pretty

The blog flurry is taking its toll on me...I'm getting sleepy, hungry and a bit antsy. So this might be the last installment for the day (I'm in the university library). After Tallahassee we drove on down 319 until we hit 98, the coastal highway. And drove through towns with names like Panacea and Carrabelle. Brightly painted houses on stilts looked out on the Gulf of Mexico...or a bay that eventually led to the Gulf of Mexico. The boyfriend's father referred to the area we were in as 'the redneck coast'. The communities consider themselves 'the forgotten coast'. But the real estate signs around every bend in the road were indicators that people are remembering this area.

We were going to drive to Port St. Joe but since we had time limits we decided to stop at Appalachicola, so we could enjoy some daylight hours. As we turned around (we drove through the town before definitively deciding to stay) we saw this:
Just hanging on a guard rail on the side of a major road. We named him Empty and I, at least, am pretty sure he wouldn't get along with Holey or Stumpy.

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