Monday, April 16, 2012

Round Up of Randoms

LW and I met up for drinks and food at Lemon Hill on a Sunday a few weeks back. I drank wine and at the recommendation of the bartender (who said he had already enjoyed at least 13 of them) ordered the patty melt. This patty melt was a no joke burger in all reality, and quite tasty. The meat blend was marvelous, the sauce and pickles nice accompaniments, and the potatoes a nice addition.
Another work lunch. Nothing too fancy. Sliced chorizo, a little brie, carrots, pickle, egg, garlic flavored Triscuits. Satisfying.
One of our last dart nights. I decided to try the pate of the evening and enjoyed it thoroughly. Nice texture. Rich taste. Good stuff.
And then at the end of the evening this happened.

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