Sunday, April 08, 2012

Birthday Karaoke at Locust Bar

Upon my return to Philadelphia I spent a little time doing stuff at my apartment before heading back out into the world to celebrate A.S's birthday at Locust Bar. I met up with BC and BA just as I arrived, so we walked in together. A.S. was rocking a great outfit and some fantastic jewelry and was very enthusiastic and excited about the karaoke element of the night's festivities. There were a few other semi-familiar faces from high school, other friends of AS I don't really know, and then the rest of the bar. A nice crowd.
I forget what BC sang, but she did it was gusto. I sang a Weezer song and did not do it with gusto. I was a robotic off-tune version of Rivers Cuomo. He would weep if he knew.
Mr. Ass did quite a good rendition of a country song that I now forget.
I asked C. to take a photo of the three of us and he told me only if we didn't smoosh our faces up next to one another, so here we are showing that there is space between our faces.
Birthday girl and friends.
Photos. Photos. Photos.

Dance. Dance. Karaoke!

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