Sunday, April 08, 2012

On our second evening in Gettysburg we wen to Appalachian Brewing Company for dinner. I too photographs but none of them were too great and, really, the best offering this establishment has is its beer, not its food. Though the soft pretzels and accompanying cheese dip were pretty tasty. I particularly cared for their lager.
Afterwards we returned to the hotel where we enthusiastically supported OSU's final four game in the NCAA championships. They won, so everyone was pretty pleased.
The next morning we all got ourselves packed up and had one last meal at the Lincoln Diner. I chose to go the poached eggs and sausage links route and was entirely pleased with what arrived on my plate. While I think we were all pleased with our breakfasts, our waitress was a little on the surly/unhelpful side. Granted, it's a diner and usually your server has a little of that disinterested and weary air to them, but generally they're still pretty good about refilling your coffee and water cups and not acting like every request (when they're not unreasonable like asking for hot sauce) is a personal strike to their dignity. All I know is that K. at one point actually got up and got another waitress to come give us coffee because ours was standing at the end of the counter talking to someone else. Not running around so busy and stressed. Talking. There lies the difference between understandably troubled customer service and customer service that I feel the need to grumble about. If you're truly in the weeds and super busy, yeah I'll be a little sad that it takes a while to get whatever it is...but if you're not super busy? If you're just not to be bothered? Ok. Enough grumbling. It's Easter after all.

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