Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day Out in the Country

A. grew up about 45 minutes or so outside of Columbus, maybe closer to an hour (we left from closer to Grove City). So on Saturday his family was coming together for a pre-Easter Easter celebration. A.'s sister, who was hosting the lot of us, has an alapaca business, so K. thought it might be nice to bring along a few nephews and nieces so they could get a little time in the wilds/give their parents M. and S. a little break. The last time I saw these kids they looked more like this. Now all three are looking even more grown up ... and they have a new baby sister to boot!

There was a great spread for lunch. I ate a little of everything and contributed a vat of my mac n' cheese, which seemed to go over pretty well.
K. and A.
K. practicing fielding a pop up (kind of).
A. and I walked over to the alpaca enclosure with a few carrots. I wanted to give a few different ones a chance at a great, but this lady was very grabby. There always is that one horse in a field that is all sweet with you but bullies the other horses so that it gets all the apple...this was that horse in alpaca form.

Basically from the moment K. saw W. it was wrestling time. Seriously. For hours. W. has the stamina and patience of a saint.
In this photograph K. is basically telling his younger sister I. that W. is his wrestling partner and playmate and that she would be wise to get off of him immediately. K. then insisted that W. and he had to 'start over.' Which means both of them had to stand up and charge each other before falling to the ground and wrestling.
W., again, was a really good sport. I enjoy wrestling and wrangling and spinning kids more than some, but even I would have cried uncle by this point in the afternoon.

It never ended. They're still on that lawn right now, wrestling away.

Thanks goes out to all of A.'s family for inviting me into their bustling day!

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