Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Breakfast c/o Sharpshooters Grille

The next morning I woke up just a little bit after the others. They'd already eaten and had plans to go to the Gettysburg College bookstore...I think, or maybe they went somewhere else entirely. I decided I'd try a new place for breakfast in the area. There are lots of options and this may not have been the most obvious, but Sharpshooters Grille had a website that said it had a dart board so I was interested in seeing what it looked like. It was a miserable, overcast and rainy day so making the one mile drive was a little gloomy. Once I pulled in and entered the place I felt a little funny; it's clearly more of a dinner/beer/pool hall kind of place and other than the waitress, a manager and the kitchen staff I don't think there was another customer. That said, I didn't feel uncomfortable and the waitress was really nice. I went with two fried eggs and sausage patties. They weren't reinventing the wheel with it, but I enjoyed the breakfast sans bells and whistles.
On my way back to the hotel I took a little detour on a different section of battleground.

A nice but very rainy morning adventure.

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