Thursday, April 26, 2012

Breakfast c/o German Village Coffee Shop

On Monday we woke up on the early side then K. and I drove to German Village for breakfast. I think we went to German Village Coffee House. But I need to double check that with K. It's a nice spot that I can imagine gets quite busy/packed on weekends - K. and A. said that there is usually a considerable line on those days. Mondays, however, are fairly low key. We didn't have to wait and quickly got seated with cups of coffee soon in our hands. I chose to go with two eggs, sausage and hashbrowns. All good.
After breakfast we returned to K.'s house and I packed up my stuff and got on the road. On my way into town I had noticed signs for Dillon Dam and decided that on my way back I'd take some back roads and stop there to see what there was to see. Ohio is much hillier than you might think. Or maybe you wouldn't think that and know that it's hilly. In any case, the drive was lovely. A sunny day. Flowers and buds out on most all the trees. The dam itself was what it was. Made me want to go fishing a little.
I'm noticing that I don't keep the camera level when I take photos these days. It's kind of embarrassing. A seriously nice day.
A seriously wonky angle.
After this, I drove on back roads for a bit more before finally getting back on 70 and then 76. I tried to find somewhere interesting to eat lunch. Or a Taco Bell. But didn't find either. This was better for my health, but a little disappointing...road trips are the perfect excuse for fast food.

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