Monday, April 02, 2012

Donut 2 and Lunch at Ernie's Texas Lunch

Originally it seemed like my fam (uncle, aunt, cousin, cousin's bf and his two kids) and I would arrive at roughly the same time. But with the wrench of no fried chicken, I ended up embarking on my drive to Gettysburg a little earlier than initially expected. I opted for not taking 76 for the majority, which meant smaller roads, more stoplights, the occasional ugliness of strip mall mentality and glorious sunny fields, country roads and red buds blooming. Once in Gettysburg I checked into General Lee's Headquarters (formerly Larson's). I had a room that faced the main road on one side, and the edge of a battlefield on the other...two windows! I decided that while I waited for the rest of the crew I'd tried out the S'mores donut while enjoying the sunlight. Seriously it was easily 70 degrees and marvelous. The donut wasn't that bad either, though I liked the simplicity of the hot sugar donut a bit more.
Once the Ohio contingent arrived we made our way to Ernie's Texas Lunch. This spot has been a favorite of my family since the beginnings of time. We sat at the big back table and those of us over the age of 21 enjoyed ourselves a lager each.
French fries for the table. Extremely hot, extremely crispy but with a nice inside, well salted. No complaints. Ernie's knows what it's doing when it comes to French fries.
My past experiences with having the Texas-style dog with everything have always left me feeling like I really don't need the chili or quite the pile of onions that Ernie's feels is the best. And this time I remembered that outlook and asked for two dogs with cheese, mustard and a little bit of onion. They were big and juicy. I ended up eating the meat more than the buns.
Seriously a beautiful day.

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