Friday, April 27, 2012

Gazpacho and Cocktail c/o Twenty Manning Grill

A few Fridays back I wanted to finally check out Nom Nom Ramen, one of two new ramen joints in Philly, which after a few months of being open, had triumphed as far as positive reviews. Alas, at a little after six they had run out of noodles for the day and were closed. This left me in a bit of a quandary. I was in Center City. I was hungry. I imagined that I might meet up with LW in a few more hours for some darts and didn't want to go all the way back home just to venture back out again. So I began what ended up being a moderately epic amount of walking around trying to find some place to eat. My first idea was Oyster House, but when I went in it was so packed that I just turned right around a left. Then I tried Tria, which had a table open outside, except in order to claim it I had to jump around a construction area and by the time that happened, someone coming from a better direction had nabbed it. Sigh. Then I tried one other place, and it was a no-go. So somehow I ended up at the bar of Twenty Manning Grill. I ordered the gazpacho, which upon its arrival, I realized I had tried before when LB and I went there on one of the hottest nights of my life. This remained a good gazpacho, and the sweet/tartness of the sorbet was a nice counter point.
I also tried the Fancypants cocktail, a homemade earl grey infused Aviation Gin with lemon juice, rose water, and simple syrup. If you're a fan of earl grey, you'd probably be a fan of this drink. I felt my fancypants quotient rise significantly after my first few sips.
After I had eaten and enjoyed my cocktail, I met up with LW at the Black Sheep. Where we played darts against a dandily dressed man (full suit, with stripes) and his rather beautiful blonde girlfriend (also dressed quite well). Then the bar closed for a private party and we went on to O'Neals - with a fruitless pitstop at both the Bards and Buffalo Billiards - to play even more darts. I was wearing a new dress.
A lovely, if ultimately late, evening with so many different venues. Our night actually concluded, if you can believe it, at McCrossen's.

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